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Subject interested in tracking people's presence inside its own places, in either an anonymous or authenticated way.


Name Type Description
id Long Unique identifier for an organization.
name String Name of the organization.
description String Small description of what the organization does.
image String Image/logo for the organization which gets shown on the application.
street String The street where the organization is located.
number String The number in the street where the organization is located.
postCode Integer The postcode where the organization is located.
city String The city where the organization is located.
country String The country where the organization is located.
authenticationServerURL String URL or IP address of the authentication server of the organization. If it's required a specific port or protocol it must be specified. Needed only if trackingMethod is set to authenticated.
creationDate DateTime When the organization was added to the system.
lastChangeDate DateTime When the organization parameters were last changed.
trackingArea String Area subjected to movement tracking of people. It is a collection of (longitude, latitude) pairs consisting in a polygon. The string is expressed in JSON format.
trackingMode String How an user who added to its favorites the organization can be tracked inside the organization's trackingArea and its places.