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5.3 OpenAPI

5.3.1 What is OpenAPI?

The OpenAPI Specification is a standard developed for creating contract-first RESTful APIs in a standard way, which should make easier the comprehension of the APIs by users and developers developing a client for an API. It was first developed by a company called SmartBear which released the Swagger 2.0 specification (Swagger was the previous name for OpenAPI). Now this specification is released under version 3.0. with the name OpenAPI 3.0., since it became fully open source.

qbteam relied on OpenAPI Specification v3.0.0 for Stalker.

5.3.2 Why OpenAPI?

qbteam has chosen OpenAPI for developing the Stalker API because it wanted to follow standard and well-known ways to develop its API, as it was its first time developing one.

Furthermore, the code generation tools available in the Swagger website first, and later the tools from OpenAPI Generator, made the design and development process much easier and coherent between all the platforms the team needed to develop on.